Over the past 24 hours I’ve had some very helpful feedback and input from a variety of people.

First off – thanks to all of you. It’s been immensely helpful.

So a couple of things:


If you think there’s a category that’s missing please let me know. I’m adding “obvious” gaps as I add listings, but there’s probably ones that I’ve missed.

Claiming Listings

If your site has been listed and you’d like to edit or improve the listing there’s a “claim listing” option. If you’re having issues please let me know.

Adding Sites / Listings

If you’d like to contribute listings / sites / food producers etc., there’s a “create listing” at the top right of the page.

What can be added to a listing?

You can add a number of things to a listing:

  • Description – what does the site offer ie. what kind of food or drinks do they sell
  • Website address – this is compulsory
  • Email address – optional
  • Phone number – optional
  • Tags – these help people find shops / sites that offer particular things. So adding tags like “gluten free” or “vegan” or “organic” (for example) can be helpful
  • Social media links – you can add Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube. These are all optional

If anyone has any questions or feedback please let me know. I’m reachable via email or Twitter. Full details here.

By Michele Neylon

Passionate about all things Internet related. CEO & founder of Blacknight. Fan of cooking, good food, travel and film.