Adding Listing or Other Suggestions

Over the past 24 hours I've had some very helpful feedback and input from a variety of people.

First off - thanks to all of you. It's been immensely helpful.

So a couple of things:


If you think there's a category that's missing please let me know. I'm adding "obvious" gaps as I add listings, but there's probably ones that I've missed.

Claiming Listings

If your site has been listed and you'd like to edit or improve the listing there's a "claim listing" option. If you're having issues please let me know.

Adding Sites / Listings

If you'd like to contribute listings / sites / food producers etc., there's a "create listing" at the top right of the page.

What can be added to a listing?

You can add a number of things to a listing:

Description - what does the site offer ie. what kind of food or drinks do they sellWebsite address - this is compulsoryEmail address - optionalPhone number - opti…
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