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A Bit of Media Coverage!

I'm both delighted and rather excited that the site got a nice little mention in The Irish Times.

In a piece entitled "Click for home: The best Irish websites for online shoppers" Conor Pope did a nice write up on Irish websites that are catering to online shoppers. One line from the opening paragraph really stuck out - emphasis added:

There were also a few people who said the only options when it comes to online shopping are giant international companies. That could not be further from the truth.

Conor Pope, Irish Times, September 14th 2020

It's so so true.

There are so many Irish companies that offer fantastic products - and not just of the edible variety!

Conor's piece is well worth bookmarking, as he's listing a nice range of sites offering a broad range of goods, including quite a few that I wasn't aware of.

Personally I like to buy Irish when I can and it's easy to buy Irish and support local businesses whe…

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Irish Consumers Want to Buy Online

A few days ago a new report was published by IEDR, the company behind the .ie domain name, and Digital Business Ireland which highlights the massive switch to online.

Some key takeaways from the report (which was based on a sample of 1000 Irish consumers):

74% of Irish consumers are put off by the restrictions imposed on physical retail95% of Irish consumers shop online at least some of the timeSince the pandemic there has been a noted switch to Irish online shops

The full report goes into some of the other trends about online shopping, but the key takeaway is that both consumers and retail see online sales combined with offline or some combination of both, such as "click and collect", becoming more common. The graphic above illustrates in a bit more detail how consumer attitudes have changed due to restrictions due to social distancing and other limits, as well as the overall level of "comfort" people have.

Have you shopped more online…

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Buying Food Offline

While this site's primary goal is to list Irish food and drink producers, shops and services that are selling online, there's also a lot of places out there that don't quite fit.

They're still operating, but either they're offline only, or you need to call them to place an order and collect the food etc.,

A lot of bloggers and trade associations have been compiling lists of what's "out there" so here's a few of them:

Damien has put together a list of traders still operating in the English Market in Cork. Ken has a very good guide to what's available in Kilkenny for both takeaway and collection, as well as what's open. The Gastro Gays have a very long list of delivery and collection options. There's a mix of both online and offline.The team at Good Food Ireland have a list of their members who are operating contactless takeaway or pickup.The Irish Food Awards are maintaining a list of producers many of whom offer a collection option.The Irish Orga…
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