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Buying Food Offline

While this site's primary goal is to list Irish food and drink producers, shops and services that are selling online, there's also a lot of places out there that don't quite fit.

They're still operating, but either they're offline only, or you need to call them to place an order and collect the food etc.,

A lot of bloggers and trade associations have been compiling lists of what's "out there" so here's a few of them:

Damien has put together a list of traders still operating in the English Market in Cork. Ken has a very good guide to what's available in Kilkenny for both takeaway and collection, as well as what's open. The Gastro Gays have a very long list of delivery and collection options. There's a mix of both online and offline.The team at Good Food Ireland have a list of their members who are operating contactless takeaway or pickup.The Irish Food Awards are maintaining a list of producers many of whom offer a collection option.The Irish Orga…
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Some Updates

This site has been up and running for only a few days, but the number of Irish food and drink producers listed has been growing steadily.

I've been in touch with several of the chambers and other organisations around the country and the site's traffic has been growing steadily.

At the moment the listing criteria is pretty simple:

the site needs to be selling food or drink that is either available for delivery or collection in Ireland. If a site does not offer some kind of order option, no matter how rudimentary it might be then it won't be listed. Sorry!

Irish food is not my area of expertise, so a huge thanks to Katia who has been helping me with the site. She knows here stuff.

Also a big thanks to Stephen who has been helping to make the site look a lot slicker.

If you know of any Irish food or drink companies that are selling online you can either submit a listing or contact me and I'll do it.

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Delays & Lead Times

Over the past couple of weeks many online shops have seen a considerable increase in both traffic and orders. While overall this is probably a "good problem" to have it is not without its challenges.

Many retailers, both online and offline are struggling to keep up with demand while maintaining safe conditions for their employees and clients.

Personally I've noticed that several sites are being forced to close to standard online orders for several days at a time while they deal with the backlog.

So my personal advice to you would be to be patient.

If you can plan your shopping further in advance. While some online shops have plenty of stock, others are reporting that they are several days or even weeks behind their normal timelines.

Also expand your options a little. If you normally shop online with a particular chain why not try a different one? They might have delivery slots available. Or, even better, buy stuff from a …

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